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The most suitable for your grandsons among the building blocks

Building for grandchildren and the environment

We now know that 30% of CO² emissions are caused by the construction industry,as well as 50% of all waste and 40% of all energy consumption! The average useful life of a house in the EU is 30-50 years. After that it is mostly hazardous waste becausethe materials used can no longer be separated or this is simply too time-consuming.The construction industry is the main cause of enormous consumption of resources and energy. 
In order to be able to pass on not only our house but also an intact and life-giving environment to our children, we need innovative building materials. 
We find this not least in the raw materials of our ancestors. They are of natural origin, renewable, recyclable, durable,CO² saving and healthy. Made from natural raw materials, the Hempcrete block is a modern solution for effective and future-oriented building.

Hemp and Lime - that makes sense

The symbiosis of the oldest cultivated plant of mankind, Hemp, with one of theoldest and most proven building materials, Natural Lime, results in the building material of the future: Hempcrete blocks.

The hemp plant grows around 50 times faster than wood. Biomass for a small family house grows on one hectare of hemp field in just 5 months.
The connection of the loose hemp shives with Natural Lime and minerals makesthe material hard like stone and resistant to external influences, which meansthat the structure can withstand many generations. This protects the environment and saves money. 
The excellent thermal properties make additional insulation such as polystyrene superfluous. Hemp-Lime has similar properties to clay in terms of air purification and moisture regulation, so it ensures a healthy living environment and clean air.

CO²-Bilanz: minus 90 %

According to calculations by EN 15804, around 90% more CO² is stored in the Hemp brick than is released during manufacture, which results in a balance sheet total of minus 90%. The cycle binds more CO² than it emits and thus actively relieves the environment.

After their use as a building material, Hempcrete blocks can either be composted to improve the soil or crushed and enriched with a little lime and used again as (loose) building material. 
Hemp shives, from which the stone essentially consists, are incidentally a waste product from the hemp fiber extraction. 
Thus, the hemp limestone is a true cradle-to-cradle miracle!

The life cycle assessment of the hemp limestone as a download:

How so many good qualities feel good ...

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