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Hempcrete block Ecology

The symbiosis of the oldest cultivated plant of mankind (Hemp)with one of the oldest and most proven building materials (Natural Lime) results in the building material of the future.
No additional insulation, only two materials in the entire wall structure,promoting healthy indoor air, no waste, completely recyclable as a building material. Circular economy that is second to none!

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Processing the Hempcrete blocks

Hempcrete blocks are not only very easy to work with when cutting and milling. The light blocks can easily be erected as partition walls, insulating exterior walls, interior insulation and acoustic walls. Hempcrete block is always built into a wooden or concrete skeleton. Hemp blocks are light, very good insulating blocks and not load-bearing.
Wall the Hempcrete block with light mortar (Hessler HP 9L) or lime wall mortar (Hessler HP 9G). In order to maintain diffusion openness, the following base and fine plaster must be breathable.

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Building physics of the Hempcrete blocks

In terms of building physics, Hempcrete blocks is the best thing you can do to your house: they are fire-safe and vermin-resistant, stable over centuries and energy-efficient, sound-absorbing and open to diffusion.
Masonry made of Hempcrete blocks does not require an additional layer of insulation. They provide cozy warmth in winter and pleasant coolness in summer.

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Price of Hempcrete blocks 

Houses with walls made of Hemp-Lime are also healthy for your wallet: they can be plastered directly, or they can be boarded with wood on the outside.That saves a lot of time and work steps. All relevant costs such as renovation, maintenance and disposal costs of a building material are rarely taken into account when making a purchase decision.With Hempcrete blocks, you can factor in this with a clear conscience!

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Production of Hempcrete blocks

For the manufacture of Hempcrete blocks, hemp shives, the woody stalks of the hemp plant, quicklime and water are mixed and pressed in the cold air process and then dried.Our blocks are produced in the traditional Schönthaler building block factory in Oris, South Tyrol.

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